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Dear mum,

How are you doing with your brothers? Daddy and I miss you so much. We are sooo bored in the hotel, all day long lying down in the sandy beach with caipirinhas.

I have to leave you. Daddy has just come back of his excursion snorkeling with our new friends. Tonight there’s the “flamingo party”: they’ve told us it’s about a party in the middle of the sea with the locals all dressed up in pink.

Although we’re looking forward to seeing you, we finally have to be here for one more week. Take care of your brothers and don’t forget reading Mike a book every night, otherwise he can’t sleep well.

You are the «piña» of our «colada»!

Buckets of love!.

Dad and Sam.

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Camiseta con los bolsillos estampados más originales, de manga corta para hombre y mujer. Dale un toque de alegría a tus outfits combinando las camisetas con bolsillo más molonas de Diowl Barcelona. Camisetas de cuello redondo, de alta calidad y muy cómodas.

Confeccionadas con 100% algodón y con estampados muy divertidos y únicos diseñados en Barcelona.