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Dear mum,

How are you doing with your brothers? Daddy and I miss you so much. We are sooo bored in the hotel, all day long lying down in the sandy beach with caipirinhas.

I have to leave you. Daddy has just come back of his excursion snorkeling with our new friends. Tonight there’s the “flamingo party”: they’ve told us it’s about a party in the middle of the sea with the locals all dressed up in pink.

Hey Noah.

This trip is being so freaking crazy!! I’ve finally found out that my passion for surfing is bigger than my fear of sharks.

We spend the entire day catching waves, and as soon as the sun goes down, we take our W-van and look for a special place to spend the night and start a new journey.

Because, as we always say “home is wherever you park”!

I’ll try to write you soon, at least before next Xmas!

Your friends 🙂

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