Camiseta con bolsillo Perros niños – Europe



How are you? Everything is going great here 🙂 After 3 weeks I’ve finally left my fear for living far away from home.

My flatmates are lovely! Charlotte and I have many things in common: ballet, music… even we like the same boys – I hope it’ll not be a problem after all :)! There’s only one thing I’ve not already got used to: her lazy and snoring dog!

However, I can’t help spending rainy weekends in the sofa watching movies with him, trying to convince myself that:

“he’s not snoring, he’s dreaming he’s a motorcycle”.

PS: something went wrong with the college and I have to pay a recharge so… it’d be great to have some more money :=) .

I love you soooo much!.

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Pijamas originales para niños y niñas. Compra online los pijamas más divertidos y coloridos para niños de 2 a 12 años. Conjunto de camiseta y pantalón de animales. ✔