About us

Diowl Barcelona was born in Barcelona in the late 2017 with the main purpose of creating new life experience in customers. What started as a University final project, it suddenly became a new business adventure of three enthusiastic up-to-graduate friends. By thinking outside the box, we tried to make a change in the traditional idea of underwear to create a new updated concept, known as coolwear. We strongly believe that coolwear should be unique and comfortable clothing in all meanings, but foremost something able to connect yourself to your own feelings, your mindset. We are closer than ever to the expression “we are what we wear”.


Our philosophy is not only thought to make a revolution outwards but also in the cuore of our own business. The diverse profile of each Diowl member enables this company to grow in a more critical and contrasted environment. Besides, our innate entrepreneurial spirit brings the energy needed to make things happen. However, developing original and high quality products it is not only the result of our teamwork, but also and foremost the consequence of involving an active community of ambassadors who share our same values. Coolwear is only possible when it is conceived altogether with customers, enabling them to participate since the very beginning of the design process.


Diowl Barcelona is here to share with you your own path to the new era that has just begun concerning underwear. Because our main goal is leaving behind conventional clothing to enable you find yourself, your way in the new coolwear world.